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Who We Are

ornament1 What do you get when a World-Citizen MIT Engineer and a Multi-Cultural Yoga Instructor and an Applied Positive Psychologist  join paths?  The outcome is “Universal Joy Engineering”.

Our Logo Story

ornament1 Discover the story behind creating the JNN logo, with an Image and Message that’s Rocking The Heart of the World. Come let it lift You up and lead You into powerful Personal Growth and Positive Change.

Joy Study Center

ornament1 Did You know, whether you’re Extremely Challenged or At The Top Of Your Game, You Hold a Tremendous Emotional Power you’ve never learned to fully use? It’s Joy … Come Learn to Harness Your Joy Power using JNN Tools to Create Your Ever Better Life.

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ornament1 Did You know Most Businesses hold an Essential Key to Much Greater Success they haven’t been taught to implement effectively? Imagine You could be taught to use this Key to Ignite, Fuel, and Accelerate Growth Throughout Your Organization.