“There are two ways of spreading light:

To be the candle 

Or the mirror that reflects it.”

~Edith Wharton~

Living  our Personal Growth and Positive Change

O ne Summer afternoon in Shanghai China 2007, Mark and Jose were speaking over coffee in Mark’s apartment.  As SUNLIGHT shone through the window, literally glowing around Jose, Mark learned that Jose had great ideas and passion for creating a Joyful Global Social Network Service … that closely mirrored thoughts Mark had already written himself … Mark then opened his computer document and showed Jose notes nearly scripting Jose’s words in the moment *!! !!* Since that day, Mark and Jose decided, and Co-created what they wholeheartedly named: “Joy News Network” (JNN).  Since then Joy News Network is an active participant in Education and Research in Practical Positive Psychology. And Being an Active Leader in BRIGHTENING the Feeling and Fabric of Our World.


‘Our aim is to Initiate Empowered Human Resource Strategy in management, resulting employee Well-being, Engagement & Performance, backed by evidence based Positive Psychology practices and people centered leadership practices. Through appreciative & abundance approach lead organizations and individuals towards positive culture that embrace positive organizational scholarship and virtuous practices. Put into practice Strength based practices that amplify passion and creativity and build flourishing and resilient individuals and communities. We desire to use our skills & knowledge in practical positive psychology to achieve sustainable wellbeing and optimal human functioning in diverse settings. and wish to initiate evidence based positive psychosocial and behavioral adaptation for people with mental and physical disabilities’. Jose Shibu  JNN Director


We believe

It’s not just about getting people’s attention, but empowering them to act

We Communicate

With passion, industry experience, innovative and practical tools that transform workplaces

We initiate

Desire & Motivation by positive approach and making people understand work engagement closely linked with wellbeing and vice versa

We adopt

Strategic design framework that insists on collaboration and innovation whilst defining and enhancing workplace wellbeing, engagement and resilience

We Suggest

One’s ability to understand and influence behaviours will positively affect health outcomes and lifestyle choices and wellbeing




“Dear Mark and Jose, I wanted to take a moment out to personally congratulate you on your new project.

I feel what you are both doing is exactly what the world needs at this time. Aside from technology and innovation that uplifts humanity, we need a medium that shares that very message of positive personal growth, a medium that fosters good will, love, and appreciation for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

I enjoy spending time on your website. You have my support in helping to spread the word about your venture. I have already invited via Facebook hundreds of people to attend your events.

I will be at your JNN New You (New York) Festival and I will be bringing a number of guests to help you celebrate your launch. Many of my EES Team will also be there. I will cross promote your efforts on my own website and social media.

You two are very special individuals, and I could not be happier for you to see that you are bringing your work worldwide and on a grass roots level to all people whom are in search for peace, love, understanding, and personal growth. Love and best.”

Samuel K. Burlum

CEO / President

Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc.


Managing Director

ESLC Inc., Business Strategy & Consulting Services


Ogdensburg, New Jersey, USA



“Attending ‘Joy Your Way To Success’ and ‘Mind Over Matter: Thoughts Creating Reality’ workshops by Joy News Network (November 2014) made me look at and think about many aspects of business in a different way. These JNN sessions tackled some areas that most of us neglect, even if we are aware of them. They gave me more control and confidence, as I apply this information to my business and life in general.”

Mohamed Al Suwaidi
The Brand Bees and DutchtradinQ
Dubai, UAE



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