A favorite yoga teacher and dear friend in Taipei Taiwan named Prathap Sankaralingam recently shared online an absolutely dreamy slice of nature in a photo he created while in Kovalam, Poovar Beach, Kerala, India, displayed here. Along with the image, Prathap connected the following thought-stimulating quote from Albert Einstein: “The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.”

This led me to reconsider, “What is truth?” … and I’m now clear in my personal belief that TRUTH is whatever we ourselves choose as beliefs, since our practiced thoughts and their associated feelings create our reality in every detail. Thus, “The pursuit of truth” for me, is constantly an inside-out game, asking what I believe, then practicing or changing my beliefs to change the outer forms of BEAUTY I connect with / create in my life.



This, in turn, led me to think about another Albert Einstein quote that I feel is one of the fundamental decisions each of us begins with in our umbrella feeling for life, and affects every other viewpoint we have from there: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Certainly BEAUTY can be felt and therefore seen if we decide we live in a FRIENDLY UNIVERSE and in our “sphere of activity” we’re then “permitted to remain children all our lives.” Please ask yourself what YOU believe, and if you wish to continue believing, feeling, creating this way. It’s all you: starting and ending with you every moment through your perspective … as you deliberately, or by default mold the mental, emotional, physical clay of your life. You’re in charge of your thoughts and feelings. This can be such an awesomely beautiful LOVING UNIVERSE to live and play in. Thanks for this gentle reminder dear Prathap, through your imagery, words, being. I’m choosing the LOVING UNIVERSE view in all life aspects of my life.


Prathap Sankaralingam


Yoga Instructor and Co-Founder

Nirvana Yoga & Ayurveda School


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