“Joy Powered People: Igniting Human Potential & Productivity”

MAJIC is all about:

Mindfulness Skills

Appreciative Inquiry & Abundance Approach

Joy Powered People

Inspiration & Innovation

 Connecting People

Want to Improve Your Bottom Line In A Lasting Way by Investing In High Yielding Human Capital?

Want to Facilitate A Happier Office Environment that Attracts, Retains Top Talent and Increases Your Productivity Organically?

Want to Amplify Your Teams’ Passion And Creativity for Improving Market, Product, And Process Development?

Want to Connect More Powerfully With Global Clients at Higher And Deeper Emotional Levels leading to Greater Sales and Stronger Relationships?

These are some of the benefits that MAJIC Consultancy brings to Your Organization through Truly Empowered Human Resources. It’s About IGNITING And EXCITING Your HUMAN POTENTIAL INSIDE-OUT In Ways That Naturally Translate Into HIGHER SUSTAINED BUSINESS RESULTS Felt And Seen Throughout Your Organization. We call it creating “JPP Flow”:

1. Joy Powered People (individuals) leading to

2. Joy Powered Partnerships (teams) producing your

3. Joy Powered Products (market value) resulting in

4. Joy Powered Profits (bottom line).

We offer global training / consulting for Top Executives, All Management Levels, and Functional Business Units in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing, Research and Development, Human Resources. This includes TEAM DREAM BUILDING onsite and off site for Maximizing Results through Instilling More Joy In Business Operations. We also offer powerful Marketing Slogan and Product Positioning guidance via MAJIC Licensing in partnership with your executives and focal teams.

JOY NEWS NETWORK Corporate Workshops

 1. Mind Over Matter: Thoughts Creating Reality

Increase your level of belief and knowing that your thoughts create your reality in every detail. Then, explore implementing changes in your thinking to achieve continuous improvement in any aspect of your business. This provides the foundation for all other JNN Corporate Workshops.

4. Mindful Monday MAJIC

Learn to identify and clarify your top-level targets and focus on them with inspired intention. Then, create and evolve your strategy as flexible framework to produce results with greater flow and ease. Participants engage in Individual Contributor and Team Dream Building.

 2. Follow Your HEART: Using Your Mind

Learn to listen to and speak from your heart, as applied to producing business results individually and within teams. Strengthen communication and relationships, and consistently exceed the quality and productivity of what you previously accomplished using pure mind focus.

 5. Joy Your Way To Success

Harness your human capital by discovering valuable ways you can integrate JOY into your business operations and environment. Instill positive passion in your organization that will fuel success organically, as you feel more joy more moments in each day.

 3. Y.I.N.: Your Infinite Network

Grow trust and confidence in the immense power you possess to ask yourself questions and formulate your own answers and solutions. Then, implement this power to improve your bottom line in a lasting way.

6. Mind Garden: Growing Your Beauty Within

Cultivate powerful ways to raise your emotional wellbeing and mindset, and become more completely responsible for the quality of your internal and external environment. Ignite your human potential, and apply this in very practical terms to grow products, services, and profits.