Awakening December 2010, after giving himself the question before sleep: “What will our JNN logo look like and represent as our core values?” …
Mark Tarpinian experienced a vision of “a HEART root from which a TREE was growing and branching out”. He felt this represented JNN’s centerpiece suggesting we “Live And Grow From Our Heart”. His JNN Co-Founder Jose Shibu was equally excited by Mark’s image, so then Mark decided to give his word description to dear friend Jeanine Lin working as a Brand Designer in Singapore. The HEART TREE you see today is Jeanine’s design from Mark’s words and Jose’s loving energy.


Expanding on these core values …

JNN suggests Living From Our Heart, Following Our Heart Using Our Mind, creating continuous growth first Within Ourselves ~ PERSONAL GROWTH ~ and from this energy, igniting growth in others ~ POSITIVE CHANGE in Our World.

Our Tagline “Brand New You”

This tagline is a reminder that by Following Your Heart Using Your Mind, you can Deliberately Create Improved Thinking Habits that serve Feeling Better More Moments which when coupled with your Desired Goals, produce practical positive changes you and others feel then see in daily life such as Thriving Emotional and Physical Health, Wealth, and Relationships. Your Heart-Based Life Creation stems from You Regularly Choosing Better Feeling Thoughts ~ Positive Thinking ~ forever becoming “Brand New You” in any directions you choose to focus.

Happiness Across The Globe

Joy News Network has created 7 different versions o fits logo to date: English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic which are intended to transmit fundamental JOY energy and positivity globally.