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If we are concerned with mere survival then Positive Emotions do nothing much,

But if we are concerned with Growth then Positive Emotions have considerable influence.

Positive emotion is more than just ‘happiness’. There is a range of positive emotions, including amusement, awe, compassion, contentment, gratitude, hope, interest, joy, love, and pride. Some of our capacity for experiencing positive emotions is inherited but we do have capacity to purposefully experience more positive emotion.

We all know it is good to feel good, but positive emotions do more than makes us feel good. Professor Barbara Fredrickson, the leading researcher in this area, describes positive emotions as:

“short-lived, momentary, fleeting experiences that have, in the moment, ways of altering the ways we think, the ways we behave, the way we see other people. Over time those momentary effects of positive emotions add up and really change who we become, change how people grow and change over time.”

Having more positive emotion can:

  • broaden people’s attention and their ability to think and act

  • build physical, intellectual, social and psychological resources

  • promote resilience
  • undo the effects of negative emotions

  • increase creativity
  • help prevent and speed-up recovery from illness, including the common cold,  stress and heart disease
  • predict a longer life-span.

“Feeling good” does far more than signal the absence of threats. It can transform people for the better, making them more optimistic, resilient and socially connected.

What we have to realize is changing entrenched emotional habits is not an easy task, it requires consistent practice and an ardent desire. Remember the wise words only a habit can subdue another habit.

Love & Joy

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