“Dear Mark and Jose, I wanted to take a moment out to personally congratulate you on your new project.

I feel what you are both doing is exactly what the world needs at this time. Aside from technology and innovation that uplifts humanity, we need a medium that shares that very message of positive personal growth, a medium that fosters good will, love, and appreciation for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

I enjoy spending time on your website. You have my support in helping to spread the word about your venture. I have already invited via Facebook hundreds of people to attend your events.

I will be at your JNN New You (New York) Festival and I will be bringing a number of guests to help you celebrate your launch. Many of my EES Team will also be there. I will cross promote your efforts on my own website and social media.

You two are very special individuals, and I could not be happier for you to see that you are bringing your work worldwide and on a grass roots level to all people whom are in search for peace, love, understanding, and personal growth. Love and best.”

Samuel K. Burlum

CEO / President

Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc.

Managing Director

ESLC Inc., Business Strategy & Consulting Services

Ogdensburg, New Jersey, USA



“Attending ‘Joy Your Way To Success’ and ‘Mind Over Matter: Thoughts Creating Reality’ workshops by Joy News Network (November 2014) made me look at and think about many aspects of business in a different way. These JNN sessions tackled some areas that most of us neglect, even if we are aware of them. They gave me more control and confidence, as I apply this information to my business and life in general.”

Mohamed Al Suwaidi
The Brand Bees and DutchtradinQ
Dubai, UAE


“I have known Jose for more than 3 years and always appreciated a lot his classes and teachings. Jose is a very professional teacher, apparently young but owning ancient wisdom which he is willing to share with a mild approach. It has been real pleasure learning from him. After he left Shanghai in early February 2015, his teachings are still carried out in Shanghai several months later without his physical presence yet repeating his style, chants and rhythm. This is a clear sign of the deep positive mark that his teaching can leave”.

Amedeo Celori
Shanghai, China


“Mark helped me remember some essential reminders in life, especially the fact that our minds create the world in which we live in. His sharing came at a time when I was struggling to find balance in my life. Joining his session of ‘Mind Over Matter’ gave me a chance to detach myself from my struggles and look at my life in a different perspective. I found myself grounded again and felt injected with fresh and positive energy to continue to live my life with optimism. Best Wishes.”

Syharn Shen

Graduate Student
Graduate Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies
Fu Jen Catholic University
New Taipei City, Taiwan


“By all accounts, it was an absolutely awesome weekend.JNN has so much to offer, and I am fortunate to meet Mark and Jose,as I continue my journey of personal transformation.JNN offers me the necessary tools to achieve this goal”.

Francis G Okelo
Former Ambassador and UN Special Envoy
United Nations
New York, USA


“It was my pleasure and good fortune to meet JNN in Dubai at the Yoga and Music Festival on December 2012.

I listened to Jose and Mark with passion while they talked about awareness and how our thoughts create our reality. Joining their discussion reassured me that I am not alone on this most important life journey and it motivated me to keep pursuing it.

I always think of all the people out there who are going through the same experience and need to find the knowledge, support and company necessary to keep moving forward in trying to discover themselves and their real life purpose.

Ideas like JNN are needed now more than ever. Needed to balance the enormous amount of fear, stress and delusion that is planted into our minds and our hearts every minute.

Looking forward to witness the change that JNN will bring to the world. Love to all.”

Nibal El Gamal
Co-Founder & Manager
Motion Ladies Fitness Center
Dubai, UAE


“To me, the richness of Jose’s teachings has became one of the strong pillar and base on how I conduct my own work and Life practice now.

What I appreciate the most is his patience towards my mundane questions  and how they affect the way I see things in my everyday life. That encourages me to inquire more and learn more how to be more harmonious with my surroundings,being practical in life, how to hack my tendency of self loathe and change it into self love, which now I am practicing everyday.

Also, He nurtures and follows up on me, without being a dictator and putting me into a certain pattern. He simply guides, and made sure that I got a correct information on whichever path I was on at that time, even though I was not sure my self where I was going with the practice,but what I know is every time i apply Jose’s point of view on whichever problems I encountered, I felt that I being one step closer to my self, even though the result of the situation may seemed negative at the time”.

Rosa Chen
Founder & Director
Shanghai, China